What is Backend in Mobile App Development and How to Choose the Best One for your Project?

The mobile apps which are functional without backend

  • Calculator

The Calculator app allows users to do basic mathematical operations. They can be easily computed on the smartphone, with no need to involve any backend here.

  • Measure

The app allows users to measure anything you want just with your phone. You don’t need a ruler. You can use it to calculate square meters of your flat, all without a backend.

  • Camera

This app is built-in or installed by default on each smartphone. You can use it to take photos or record movies. It doesn’t need a backend to be useful. Of course, the current app version uses a backend to store backups of taken photos. However, in the basic idea of the app, the backend is not needed to take a picture.

  • Voice recorder

The app which you can use as a dictaphone. You can record your voice using the smartphone’s microphone. It stores recordings on your device’s local storage, so it is fully useful with no need for any kind of backend.

  • Tetris

To build such a game, the backend doesn’t need to be involved. Most single-player games don’t need backends to be playable because they are fully functional without them. For sure, the backend would be useful if you would like to have features such as leaderboards. Users of your app would be able to compare themselves with others, but the game itself is functional without such features.


The mobile apps which are functional with backend

  • Zalando

This app is an online fashion store. Users are able to browse through a list of products. The app administrators need a system (back office) where they are able to manage this list, including the ability to add new, remove old or alter existing products.

  • Netflix

A video on-premise app. The admin panel for such an app allows admins to manage videos available in the app.

  • Traficar

It is a car-sharing app. You can find a car near you, reserve it, take it and drive wherever you like. To register in this app, you need to take a photo of your driver’s license, so administrators can verify it. The administrator’s panel is needed here to allow admins to review uploaded driver licenses.


The app shows data which updates frequently (every day, every week)

  • Stock

This app fetches the prices of stocks from the backend and displays it in the frontend.

  • Weather

An app for checking the weather in your city. It needs the backend to fetch fresh data for upcoming days.


When does mobile app need a backend?

  1. The app needs a back office, admin panel or web page where you will be able to manage the conten of the app

  2. The app shows data which updates frequently (every day, every week)

  3. User devices should synchronize data between each other

  4. You want to be confident that app data will not be lost 

  5. You want to collect orders and process payments

  6. Users of the app should communicate with each other

  7. You want to collect statistical data avbout your users

  8. You want your users to get notifications about promotions, updates or news



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