How Big Data Can Help In Your Business

Every business organization from big to small has always been using data. Analysis and calculation are used to gain insights from the data. The gained data-driven insight is used to execute an effective business strategy allowing financial gain and so on. Nowadays data has been more complex and numerous, as time goes on its will bring more benefits.

In actuality, big data is a collective huge data set through the combination of all the processes and tools related to utilizing and managing a huge variety of data sets. Big data plays an important role in understanding your targeted audience and their preferences. Using big data even allows the anticipation of their needs. The derived data insights can be used effectively if properly analyzed and presented. This enables the business organization to achieve its various goals.

In every industry, there will be the presence of big data. In today’s day and age, every market is competing for each other for survival as such accurate and data-driven insights are necessary to gain an edge against their competitors.


Big Data for Businesses


  • Re-designing products

Manufacturing companies can reassess and re-design their products by analyzing data through social media to assess sentiments regarding their products. This allows businesses to gain insights into what their customer like about their product and what they don’t.


  • Checking out the competition

In the past understanding, your competitors come down to industry gossip or pretend as a customer to find out more about their services and products. Nowadays everything is transparent as social media exist, it illustrates the customer’s thoughts and shows what is in trend and what is not.


  • Targetted online marketing

Big data enables proper delivery of ads using the user’s search histories to match with their targets audience. This makes the audience to be more interested in the products advertised. 


  • Knowing what makes your customer interested in

Big data has a wide variety of usage and small businesses using it can help gain a clear picture of their customers. A clear picture of their customer goes into many categories such as what makes them buy? What do they prefer? What they will buy next and what leads them to buy a product. This allows companies to have a better interaction with the customer through data-driven insights from data sources such as social media, blogs, customer feedback, public data sets, and so on. By spotting the patterns behinds behaviors allow a prediction of where things are heading, demands for certain products, and what will change in the future.


  • E-commerce suggestions

Big data is the backbone of product suggestions towards users through e-commerce websites. Using a complex algorithm to find popular products that match with the user’s search history or previous orders. In addition, secondary product suggestions are included in certain e-commerce sites. These suggestions are based on what the customers are purchasing as the second product is closely related to the first product. This may lead the customer to buy more products.



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